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Local Policies and procedures


Invitation to Activities

When a Skålleague wishes to invite a potential member to an activity, contact Alain Dumonceaux (alain.dumonceaux, VP Membership Development, at least one week before the scheduled date for the activity.  Be prepared to brief Alain on the new member, his business category, etc.

Invite the prospective new member to a meeting and be prepared to introduce the prospect to existing members in attendance and ensure the prospect feels comfortable as he/she is introduced to the club.

Once the prospect has indicated interest in joining, the Executive Secretary/Treasurer will need to be advised and in turn will communicate with the prospect for the membership application process.


Contribution and activities

Members have two options for our annual meetings;

  • prepay via the annual meal plan (covers full 10 meetings including the annual Christmas Dinner Event) and save 10-12%,
  • pay for meals “as-you-attend”.  Invoices will be issued for meetings attended at our individual meal rates.

The Club undertakes raffles at our meetings and for the Annual Christmas Event approaches members for donations to the raffle, silent  and live auction.  These 3 programs at our Christmas Dinner event is the primary fundraising program of the year.

The Club participates in the annual Skal Canada National Raffle program and members have the option to purchase tickets under this program.  The Club retains a portion of the total raffle sales within the club.



The invoice representing annual dues is submitted as soon as you are accepted as a member.   Membership is based upon the calendar year with membership invoices issued annually by mid-December for the upcoming year.  Membership invoices are due and payable by January 31st.  Members who have not submitted payment will be removed from Skal International’s membership list and face a fee to reinstate membership after this date.  Invoices for the annual prepaid meal plan are issued at the same time of the year.

Invoices for members who “pay-as-attend” are issued for each meeting attending.   Invoices will also be issued for “Partner events” where partners/spouses and/or guests are invited to attend.


Members’ Directory

Club member information is provided via our website and updated as changes occur.


Skal Winnipeg Website

The website is the most excellent communication platform for Skål members. The website is a section of the Skal Canada National website and provides full information on Skal as well as various tools and forms.  Should you note any errors of your membership information do not hesitate to notify the Club Webmaster. (International) Website

Click the “Members Area login & access” button. A new window allowing you to enter your name and membership card number or password will open. Make sure the information about you is up to date and remains. Your username is made up of your name . Your password is your Skål member number, as it appears on your membership card.



Skål members meet, normally once a month (except for July/August), on the fourth Wednesday (note -October meetings are usually conducted on the 3rd Wednesday in order NOT to conflict with the annual MB Hotel Association Convention).  The annual meeting plan provides a mix of Member Luncheons & Dinners as well as 3-4 Member & Partner Dinner events.

Members meet for the purpose of:

  • Conversing with partners in the local tourism industry and a social environment,
  • Networking in a social atmosphere,
  • Establish contacts and do business.

It is absolutely mandatory for you to RSVP to meeting notices advising of your presence or absence at a meeting. This is necessary to confirm the meeting room set up and meals required for the meeting venue.  RSVP for meetings/events is requested a minimum of 3-business days prior to the meeting/event.


 Communication with members

The Executive Secretary/Treasurer provides meeting notices and requests of RSVP to advise of your presence or absence at a meeting.  The club issues monthly newsletters updating members on meetings/events, Skal Canada & International activities including congress events, etc. 



For any information on what is not clear to you, you can refer to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer at estwinnipeg