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Members of Distinction

The “Member of Distinction Award” recognizes the contribution provided to the club by the deserving member.

The criteria includes;

Number of years member has been a Skål Member (not just within the Winnipeg Club), but total tenure,

  • Member’s attendance throughout the year (club meetings/functions, congress’s, etc.)
  • Member’s contribution/support of club (positive promotion, sponsoring new members, participation in club activities –auctions, raffles, etc.)
  • Member has participated on the club executive committee, held office within the club, been a Skål Canada representative, etc. (This component is NOT a MANDATORY component, as some members are very good club supporters and unable to participate in club administration, etc.)

2018 Member of Distinction Awarded at Club 2017 Christmas Event

President John van Houdt undertook the presentation of the Club Member of Distinction Award for 2018 at the annual 2017 Christmas event.  The member we are honoring tonight joined the Skål Club of Regina on March 31st, 1991.  After being transferred to Winnipeg with his job, he was transferred to our club.  This member is a positive supporter of Skål and was our Club President in 1999 & 2000.  He has served in a number of positions including the Club’s Skål Canada Representative.  In fact, he has been our club representative 2 or 3 various times and is currently our Club Representative who worked to bring the recent Skål Canada Fall Meeting to Winnipeg.  I am pleased to award our Member of Distinction Award to Gordon Camp.

2017 Club Member of Distinction Award

The Club undertook the presentation of the 2017 Club Member of Distinction Award at the annual Valentines Themed Member/Partner Dinner on February 28, 2017 at the Norwood Hotel.  Vice President David Chizda called upon Lorne Perrin, Executive Secretary/Treasurer to make the presentation.  Lorne outlined that this year’s member has been a Skål Member for some 38 years. He originally joined Skål as a Charter Member of the Hamilton Club in 1978.  John and his family moved to Winnipeg in 1981 and he transferred to our club. John is a dedicated member who has 100% attendance in 2016 and attends almost all of our meetings/events these include events at Lower Fort Garry, Assiniboine Park & Zoo, Assiniboia Downs Racetrack as well as last year’s Ice Show at the Forks.  John was president of our club in 1987.  As this is the first year of the award, it is with sincere pleasure to present the award to John McClellan.